Aircraft components are commonly designed to a Source Control Drawing and a Requirements Specification.

ASR’s full service mechanical engineering services can ensure your product meets all of these requirements. ASR has the expertise to take the responsibility for full work packets for composite, metal and plastic (drones) structures. This includes the actual parts, tooling and fixtures.

For products that must meet structural, thermal and flow requirements, ASR can analytically assess the risk of passing a qualification test. If the risk of failure is too high, ASR will help resolve the issue and verify the solution analytically.  Unfortunately for us engineers, documentation has become a bigger part of obtaining qualification. ASR offers formal reporting on top of our standard PowerPoint presentation to help meet this burden.

Aircraft Components and Assemblies

ASR has performed extensive analysis on a variety of aircraft components, from valves to electrical enclosures to complex hoists. We work with our clients to quickly come up to speed with the product and certification requirements for each component. Our analytical skills combined with your product knowledge leads to fewer build & test iterations and an improved problem solution schedule. We work as a temporary member of your team to make you look good and allow you to manufacture & sell the best product possible.

ASR engineers have extensive experience in the field of Aircraft component design and analysis.

Contact us for stressdynamic/vibration analysis, thermal analysis and life prediction of components.