Unmanned Spacecraft

Every year more and more spacecraft are going into orbit for a range of applications including GPS, imaging, communications, research, and more. Every spacecraft that is launched has to be designed to withstand the demanding loads during launch, and the harsh conditions of space.

Spacecraft Components

Spacecraft components must survive the vibrations associated with liftoff as well as the harsh environment of space while holding tight tolerances. ASR has proven it has what it takes to combine our analysis and design talents for products that are out of this world.

We use our extensive experience with today’s most advanced Finite Element (FEA) Packages to create accurate computer models of the wide range of loading a spacecraft will experience over the course of its lifespan. Using FEA, we can analyze everything from the vibrational and dynamic loading during launch, to the massive thermal gradients spacecraft experience. We are also able to design and accurately model the lightweight high-strength composites that are commonly used in spacecraft.

Rocket Components

The space industry is rapidly changing today. NASA has their sights back on the moon and ultimately Mars. SpaceX and Blue Origin are working to make reusable rockets an industry standard while pushing the space race to land humans on Mars. Virgin Galactic and others are commercializing space travel with reusable low orbit spacecraft. Many other private companies are also joining the rocket industry by supplying small satellite launch capabilities. Companies are now also looking at asteroids and the Moon in order to mine valuable resources and bring them back to earth.

With the space industry full of inspiration and drive to push us into the next era of capabilities, there is a lot of work to be done. Our team of highly trained and equipped engineers is prepared to assist with the design, analysis, and manufacturing of the rocket and spacecraft components that will push the human race further than ever before.

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