Naval vessels are constantly on the cutting edge of engineering capabilities to maintain an upper hand for our warfighters. Our extensive engineering experience allows us to assist with pushing the limits of our naval vessels through advanced engineering design and analysis.

War fighting requires survivability. For Naval vessels, this means ensuring vital systems are not damaged by high shock loads. ASR’s finite element analysis (FEA) capabilities are able ensure the mechanical and electrical systems survive shock loads. Of course there are many more design requirements such as thermal management. ASR’s computation fluid dynamics is ideally suited to ensuring the compact electronics of today will not overheat. With the information generated from these computer models, we will improve performance through design optimization.

Today’s naval vessels including destroyers and aircraft carriers are loaded with intelligent defense and offensive weaponry, designed for stealth and speed and for the first time ever fully designed in 3D modeling software using CATIA. Our highly trained engineers are experienced in the use of CATIA and other FEA and computer-aided design (CAD) packages and can assist when additional engineering resources are required to meet strict deadlines.

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