Design & Drafting

We are ready to assist with your design and drafting needs. With a broad understanding of manufacturing methods, tolerances, and limitations our engineers are capable of generating designs and drawings to make your product ready for prototyping or mass production.

We will work directly with you to ensure your final product meets all of its required specifications while using the most economical manufacturing method available.

Our experienced design team will generate 3D CAD models based on your drawings or sketches for rapid prototyping with the use of CNC or 3D printing. During the design phase, we will apply our engineering background to ensure your design meets with performance requirements. If we believe that more advanced analysis should be used for your product we will generate a finite element (FEA) model in order to optimize the product design or check that it meets with required performance parameters.

Contact us today for a free quote or to learn more about how we can assist you with design and drafting.