Research & Development

Time is critical in research and development. No matter if you are in university, public or private, it’s a constant race to be the first to publish, launch, or patent.

We accelerate your research and development by assisting with design and analysis to reduce the number of design iterations needed prior to finding a solution.

We develop computer models in order to rapidly iterate and optimize the design to reduce the number of time-consuming and expensive prototype iterations that are required prior to reaching a working device.

We use computer-aided design (CAD) and finite element analysis (FEA) to generate models of your device and its properties. With FEA we are able to model the devices stress, strain, fluid dynamics, and more to gain insights on how to best implement design improvements. FEA is used for a wide range of applications from rocket valves to microfluidics to structural analysis and more.

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In University research labs, publishing research first is everything. We are here to help accelerate your research with accurate computer modeling to take the guess work out of design iterating.


Public research institutes work with limited budgets and timelines while pushing the boundary of our scientific understanding and technological capabilities.


Private sector research and development teams are in a constant race against their competition to be the first to market or patent with new revolutionary products and ideas.