Private sector research and development teams are in a constant race against their competition to be the first to market or patent with new revolutionary products and ideas.

We specialize in providing valuable engineering design and analysis capabilities to assist when deadlines are tight, or advanced computer models are required to give you an edge over the competition.

Our teams of experienced engineers work as an extension of your company to assist in accelerating product development in order to meet tight deadlines or to beat your competition to market. Through design, analysis support we can take your project from concept through design while analyzing it for performance requirements and implementing design optimization, reducing product cost, weight or improving performance. This allows for an optimized product prior to the need of manufacturing an expensive and time-consuming prototype. Our design optimization and analysis reduce the number of physical prototypes that are required for testing prior to reaching a final product, saving your company significant time and money.

Once a final design has been reached we can also assist with manufacturing support where we will work directly with our network of expert prototyping and production manufacturing shops to deliver a working prototype or production run of your product.

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