Public research institutes work with limited budgets and timelines while pushing the boundary of our scientific understanding and technological capabilities.

One of the best ways to keep projects within budget and on schedule is to reduce the number of high-cost physical prototypes by instead using advanced computer modeling.

We have the capabilities and engineering design and analysis experience to generate finite element analysis (FEA) and computer-aided design (CAD) models that provide insight to help with making critical design decisions. FEA allows for designs to be analyzed for vibration, thermal properties and loads, stress, dynamic loads, icing, fluid dynamics, and more.  Once the initial model has been generated we can then iterate on the design to ensure that every component operates within its limits while optimizing for characteristics such as cost, performance, weight, and more.

Our computer modeling allows for low-cost data-driven design iteration that allows for limiting the number of high cost and time consuming physical prototypes that are required for testing prior to reaching a final design.

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