Standards & Codes

Engineering Standards & Codes

Whatever engineering standard your product has, we will ensure compliance using our design and analysis expertise.

Many product segments have design standards and codes. 

  • Aircraft components: FAA requirements which are covered by a wide range of Military, SAE, RTCA and other standards
  • Pressurized, steam and nuclear systems: ASME standards and NRC regulations.
  • Spacecraft: NASA’s 5019 & 5020 Standards and others
  • Fastener Specifications: NAS, AN, MS, and Helical Coils
  • Chairs and Bicycles have their standards too.

Ensure Your Design Satisfies Standards

Our experienced engineers are familiar with engineering codes and can check to ensure your product or design meets with all relevant specifications. Whether you’re working on nuclear energy, spacecraft, aircraft, or other projects we can help supply standards and codes experience to your project. Our engineers are also familiar with nomenclature, documentation, and theory to quickly learn new standards and codes to meet your requirements. We use the analysis results generated from finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to show that designs meets with applicable standards and codes.

Keep Your Project Running Smoothly

Don’t have your project sidelined from failing to meet a certification testing or a code requirement. At ASR, we offer qualification testing analysis using computer models to analyze designs for all requirements so that you can move through testing with confidence. By using computer models to analyze designs we are able to discover design flaws that could cause your project to fail testing and implement design fixes prior to needing to invest in high cost testing prototypes. By finding design flaws and implementing fixes prior to physical testing it can save you from suffering significant losses due to the need for additional testing that wasn’t in your budget and delaying your launch date.

Other Engineering Services

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