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Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) services can take the guess work out of your design through the use of computer modeling. ASR’s Analysis Engineers are CAE experts using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to analytically drive design decisions.

Our analysis driven approach to engineering allows us to optimize the structural, thermal, and fluid performance of a design before an expensive prototype is ever needed. While CAE capabilities were first created for the aerospace industry to push the limits of performance, its use and benefits are far more reaching today. CAE Services are regularly used to optimize the performance of nearly any design. While ASR’s Engineers are experts at using CAE services for aerospace projects including the development of rocket valves and composite structures, our engineers also have experience using it to optimize designs in industries including consumer products, industrial equipment, architectural structures, and more.

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How CAE Can Drive Your Success

Reduce Design Risk Before Investing In Hardware

One of the worst things that can happen during product development is to find out a design is failing to meet performance requirements after you have invested heavily in hardware. The use of CAE to simulate your product during different performance conditions allows our engineers to find potential failure points and implement solutions before any investment in hardware is ever made.

Reduce Expensive Prototype Iterations

Most products go through countless iterations before landing on a final production version. Use of CAE helps reduce the number of iterations needed before reaching a final production design by taking the guess work out of the design iteration process. While typical engineering calculations can help provide a good starting point for designing a new product, if you’re implementing complex geometry or load or flow paths then you need the capabilities that only CAE offers in order to find and fix potential failure points and optimize cost/performance before producing expensive prototypes.

Meet Performance Requirements

Testing a product for all performance requirements can be a demanding task that requires substantial investment and engineering capabilities. CAE helps reduce the needed investment and speed up development by reducing the risk that a design will fail a performance test and in some cases can replace the physical performance test entirely leading to substantial development savings.

Optimize for Structural, Flow, or Thermal Performance

CAE capabilities aren’t limited to just finding the failure points of design, it can also work to push the limits of a product. Insights provided by our CAE models allow our engineers to remove unnecessary material, increase structural efficiency, improve flow paths, and optimize thermal performance. Design optimization gives you a leg up on your competition by increasing performance without increasing costs or by removing unnecessary cost from your product.

Discover Why A Product Failed and Implement a Data Driven and Cost Effective Solution

A product failing to meet performance requirements unexpectedly after investing heavily in hardware is one of the worst things that can happen to a project. While we aren’t able to turn back time to fix an issue before investing in hardware, CAE can help find a solution that can be implemented in a cost effective manner. Once hardware is invested in, the ability to change designs affordably becomes far more limited. CAE allows our engineers to test different potential solutions that can be implemented affordably to find the most cost effective solution.

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