Optical systems are commonly used by many industries including space, defense, communications, and others. We have experience in the design and analysis of optical systems to ensure that they are robust enough to remain operational after deployment and through the lifespan of the instrument.


Ground handling, launch, and operations can all put significant loads on precision equipment such as optical systems. Whether it’s a satellite component needing to survive the vibrations of the rocket launch or an optical system on a naval vessel experiencing loads from crashing waves, optical systems need to be designed to survive all encountered loading scenarios.

We have experience in the mechanical design, thermal analysis, stress analysis, dynamic analysis and vibrational testing of optical systems and packaging.

Thermal Management

Optical systems output significant amounts of heat which can stress a system through overheating, reducing performance and potentially leads to failure. We have experience in thermal management to ensure optical systems remain within their operating temperature range.

Ray Tracing

In order to create computer models of light propagation, we use ray tracing. This assists with the design and analysis of optical systems by modeling the propagation of light through a lens system or an optical instrument.

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