Qualification Testing Analysis

Qualification Testing Analysis

In aerospace and mechanical engineering, many products need to pass qualification testing prior to reaching the market. Many times products that go through testing don’t pass much to the surprise of the developers. We can analyze designs for certification requirements and implement design revisions to better ensure that your product will pass on its first attempt.

Save Time & Money

We use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to generate computational models of certification requirements. With the results from these models, we can locate points that may be troubling during certification testing and implement design revisions. By analyzing your product and implementing design revisions you can avoid the high cost of additional testing, saving significant time and money.

Tank & Container 50 ft Drop Analysis

Qualification Testing Analysis Applications

Gain confidence before submitting your product to costly qualification testing with our advanced engineering analysis services. We can analyze your design and identified potential failure points and implement design solutions prior to manufacturing a prototype for testing.

By partnering with ASR we can make your product ready for all the following qualification tests.

Vibration & Shaker Table Test Analysis

Vibration and shaker table testing is used for a large variety of products and structures. Whether you’re looking to design or develop a bridge, building, sensitive lab equipment, or a variety of other products understanding it’s response to vibration loads is critical for performance and survivability. In order to certify that your product meets with vibration requirements a shaker table test is performed. Prior to manufacturing an expensive scale model or prototype we can generate a computer simulation of your design to locate and fix potential failure points allowing you to approach qualification testing with confidence.

Drop Test Analysis

Drop tests are used for consumer products, packaging, aerospace vehicles, and more. We will analyze your product for drop test requirements using computer simulations to find and fix potential failure points prior to certification.

Pressure Test

Looking to pass ASME pressure vessel qualification? Our analysis services can help make sure your pressure vessel is ready for testing.

Endurance & Durability Cycle Test

Whether you’re looking to develop a consumer product, industrial equipment, a vehicle, or a structure, having an understanding of the cycle limit is critical. Our engineers use computer simulations to determine fatigue cycle limits and can use the computer model to optimize your design to meet with performance requirements. We can also assist with designing a test system for future quality control testing to ensure that your products meet with performance requirements.

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