Electronic Packaging

In order for electronic devices and systems to operate optimally and remain undamaged, the electronic packaging needs to be designed to withstand the mechanical and thermal loads, minimize EMI radiation and provide the needed I/O interfaces to adjacent systems. Our advanced analysis tools allow us to simulate the behavior of the electronic assemblies leading to more robust designs. We will use CFD to analyze the flow of cooling air over the components to size the appropriate heat sinks, or evaluate to effectiveness of the coolant flow through cold plates used to cool high power components. In addition, rugged systems need to withstand vibrations and shocks that can be analyzed using FEA. All this concurrent engineering approach can significantly reduce the number of prototypes to be tested, saving our clients time and expense.

We design and analyze electronic packaging for aerospace, electro-optic systems, commercial, defense, and other industries. We apply finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) during our design process to optimize designs and ensure they meet with required performance specifications.

Our service capabilities include:

  • Mechanical Design
  • Thermal Management
  • Circuit Board Structural Considerations (solder joints, etc…)
  • Dynamic Performance
  • Assembly & Test Tooling
  • Vibration Testing Oversight

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