Mechanical Design

No matter how complex or simple your project is our design engineers are ready to help drive your success.

Whether you need engineering design services for a short term individual project or are looking to expand your company’s long term capabilities with ASR acting your mechanical engineering department. Our engineers will work with you as an extension of your team to create new products, improve existing designs or follow the product over its lifecycle.

Why Use Engineering Design Services

  • Take a product idea from concept to final design to production
  • Develop engineering drawings for use in prototyping & production
  • Incorporate design for manufacturing into your products to reduce production cost and improve quality
  • Obtain 3D CAD renders to visualize your product and use them in preproduction marketing
  • Prevent costly part interference issues during assembly

Design Services

If your company is looking for assistance for any of the following services, it is time to contact our team of experienced design engineers.

We provide the services our clients need. If a service needed for your project is not listed let us know and we will work to meet your needs.

Solid Modeling Design

Solid Modeling

Regardless of the the product or project you are working on, solid modeling is a powerful tool that helps visualize and verify your design prior to production or construction. Our substantial experience in solid modeling using multiple Computer-Aided Design (CAD) platforms allows us to help drive your project forward regardless of your needs.

Design Iterations

Design Iterations

Every great product goes through countless design iterations before finding the perfect solution. Product developers need to test their product for product/market fit prior to a product launch. During this phase,  even small revisions to a design can be the difference between failure and success.

Design Optimization

Design Optimization

With decades of engineering experience, we can perform design optimization using engineering principles and computational analysis to perform design optimization. Our design optimization process is based on your input for a range of parameters including cost, weight, stress limits, stiffness, manufacturability, performance, and more.

Composite Part Design

Composite Part Design

If you are looking to get the best performance out of your product, our composite part design services can help! Composites are widely used and valued in aerospace, energy, civil engineering, defense, automobile, sports equipment, and other industries. With unmatched properties, composites deliver exceptional performance.

Electronics Packaging Design & Analysis

Electronic Packaging

In order for electronic devices and systems to operate optimally and remain undamaged, the electronic packaging needs to be designed to withstand the mechanical and thermal loads, minimize EMI radiation and provide the needed I/O interfaces to adjacent systems.