Assembly Modeling

Assembly Modeling

Our Engineers have extensive experience with assembly modeling which creates a model of the fully assembled product that demonstrates the proper form, fit and function of all components involved.

By generating a 3D assembly model of your product, we are able to:

  • Check all part clearances
  • Check form, fit and function of the assembly
  • Accurately tolerance components for manufacturing
  • Determine and animate your product’s full range of motion
  • Generate animations and renderings for use in your proposal or customer presentation.
  • Have multiple engineers working on a product to share the component design work while maintaining an organized assembly model to accelerate the design phase

Save Time & Money

Assembly modeling saves time, money and stress by reducing the potential for assembly tolerance or clearance issues with manufactured components. It is an essential part of product development and optimization, allowing the transfer of 3D content between engineering disciplines.

Each component in an assembly model is represented as a solid model and allows for geometries to be easily edited during the assembly process. This allows for components to be edited to ensure proper fit and tolerancing preventing potential clearance or range of motion performance issues.

We have the capability for generating large assemblies which allow for handling the design of complex projects while ensuring that clearance requirements are met for every individual component. Assembly modeling prevents design errors from catching you off guard during the manufacturing process. If only one bolt hole is off place or a single component doesn’t meet clearance requirements within a large and complex project it can lead to delays that add up to significant time and financial losses.

Our understanding of manufacturing methods allows us to generate models that meet the tolerance requirements of anticipated manufacturing methods and are designed for the most economical manufacturing option available.

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