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Electro-Optic Systems & Components

Electro-Optic Systems are pushing the boundaries of technologies in industries such as research instrumentation, metal cutting and welding, marking and engraving, semiconductor processing, printed circuit board processing, guidance systems and defense applications.

ASR has experience in the mechanical design of laser systems, optical components and assemblies and associated electronics subsystems. These optical systems are very sensitive to thermally induced displacements that can lead to excessive beam pointing. The high power electronics used in these systems need to be designed and analyzed to withstand high heat loads without exceeding the specified thermal limits of the components. Using combined flow and thermal analysis allows us to evaluate the design and choose the best thermal management configuration. If the application is for harsh environments we can design rugged systems that work in extreme temperatures, can withstand launch loads or work in an aircraft environment where vibrations can damage the equipment if not carefully designed and analyzed to meet the challenge.

  • Electro Optics System
  • Electro Optics System
  • Electro Optics System
  • Electro Optics System


Whether its for planetary observation or situational awareness, electro optics have played a pivotal role in today’s aerospace capabilities. Current satellite systems are using electo-optics to observe the earth for intelligence purposes, environmental impact, and weather patterns for modeling. These same satellite systems deploy electro-optic laser tracking systems for collision avoidance systems to mitigate risk from space debris. Our defense systems deploy electro optics for laser tracking for accurate missile defense targeting systems.


Electro optic systems are widely used in research labs today. Optical systems have been transforming research labs through measurement, simulation, optical sensing and spectroscopy, infrared and ultraviolet imaging, and light deliver system applications.


Electro optic systems have been pushing the boundaries of data transfer speeds. With a clear line of sight, satellites and other vehicles using electro optic communication systems are able to achieve data transfer rates of up to 100 Gbit/s. Large companies and startups are all pursuing the development of a satellite communications constellations that can provide high-speed internet anywhere on the globe through the use of optical systems.

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