Product Design

Product Design

Do you have an idea that you want to make a reality? We offer product design engineering services to assist with the development and manufacturing of your product!

Our engineers work directly with your engineering department to collaborate as additional engineering personnel or can be your engineering team working with you to oversee the entire development process. Our team will take your product idea from concept through design and analysis to prototyping and set up manufacturing for a product launch.

Where most engineering product design teams are limited to designing with only computer-aided design (CAD) and physical prototypes, we can take it one step further with the addition of creating advanced analytical models of your product. The use of computer modeling allows us to test and iterate on the design of your product to ensure that it meets required specifications and attain insights into potential design improvements all prior to the need of fabricating a physical prototype. This eliminates many of the costly prototype iterations that other design companies need to undertake and it also leads to a more optimized product, improving performance and reducing unit cost.

A look into our product design process

1. Introduction and Kickoff Meeting

We will meet with you and your engineering team in person or on a conference call to go over project and team introductions. After team introductions, we will first sign applicable nondisclosure agreements and then jump into the project. At this point, we will begin to gain insight into the product requirements, goals, challenges and more. Once we have an understanding of the product we will walk you through our process and capabilities. After the introduction meeting, we will send you a scope of work (SOW), design agreement paperwork, costs, and other applicable materials. Once the design agreement and any other applicable materials are submitted we will begin work on your project.

2. Initial Design

Using our notes from the introductory meeting and any provided material, we will begin developing an initial design of the product using CAD. During this phase, we will work closely with you to ensure the design meets with your vision and product requirements. Once the initial design has been generated, it will be submitted for your review along with an initial report on the features and our interpretation of the product requirements and limitations.

We provide engineering for entire products or individual product components which are then added to a larger product assembly. We can integrate with your engineering team to maintain an up to date product assembly.

3. Design Iteration and Optimization

Our initial focus is to ensure the design meets with your vision and product requirements. After the design has passed your review, we will begin optimizing the design for performance and cost. With an understanding of the products requirements and goals, we will use computational analysis to guide design improvements to optimize desired properties. Once an optimized design is reached, it is submitted for final review prior to prototyping.

4. Prototyping

With the final design having passed your review, we will collect prototype fabrication quotes from our network of expert manufacturers. Should you decide to proceed with fabrication, we will oversee the process to ensure product quality and specification requirements are met. The prototype will then be supplied for performance and market testing. At this point, the design can be iterated upon to better acquire product/market fit or to meet required performance specifications prior to product launch.

5. Production & Launch

Once you feel comfortable with product/market fit and product performance, we will then begin to acquire production quotes for a product launch. Upon obtaining quotes, design revisions may be required to meet market requirements on pricing. This requires having a strong understanding of how much your potential customers value the product. If the quotes are agreeable with the understood market value of the product and we have your direction to move forward, we will then oversee placing orders for the production run.

6. Post Launch Services

After the product launch, we offer lifetime engineering support services. This includes engineering change orders, future product design services, and more. With our deep understanding of your product, we are able to quickly iterate on the design for future renditions or to make design adjustments to target new markets.

Product Design Tools

We maintain a large portfolio of engineering software which allows us to either bring your models up to the latest version or work within your preferred legacy software version.

  • CATIA V5
  • CREO (ProE)

Other Engineering Services

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