ASR’s experienced engineers provide services to a wide range of industries. With our principal engineers each having over 20 years of experience in engineering consulting services, you can rest assured knowing that your challenge will be handled by industry experts. Our principal engineers also lead highly qualified engineering teams to ensure that your problem will receive the attention it needs.

Our vast amount of experience in engineering consulting services has allowed us to serve many industries ranging from Aerospace to Consumer Products. We are interested in solving any engineering problem within our capability, so if your industry is not listed below please don’t refrain from reaching out to us to learn how we can assist you.

Industries we serve include, but are not limited to the following:

Electro Optics System Design


Electro-Optic Systems are pushing the boundaries of technologies in industries such as research instrumentation, metal cutting and welding, marking and engraving, semiconductor processing, printed circuit board processing, guidance systems and defense applications.

Electronic Packaging

In order for electronic devices and systems to operate optimally and remain undamaged, the electronic packaging needs to be designed to withstand the mechanical and thermal loads, minimize EMI radiation and provide the needed I/O interfaces to adjacent systems.


The Automotive Industry is going through a revolution today. Whether you’re looking to improve performance, fuel economy, safety or develop a vehicle we are prepared to work with you to achieve your goals.