Which Service Is Right For You?

As a mechanical and aerospace engineering firm, we offer a broad range of services. Use this page as a reference for which engineering services may be right for you!


Mechanical Design Service

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Bring your ideas to life by having your sketches or ideas turned into 3D computer models.
  • See your product prior to investing in manufacturing a prototype.
  • Make your pitch decks or proposals stand out from the competition with stunning CAD renders.

Solid Modeling

Product Design
  • Get fully defined engineering drawings to use when manufacturing a prototype.
  • Avoid the potential for costly clearance or tolerance complications during the manufacturing and assembly process.

Assembly Modeling

Assembly Modeling
  • Prevent clearance issues during the assembly process.
  • Check form, fit, and function of the assembly.
  • Verify your product’s full range of motion.
  • Generate computer renderings of your product.

Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design
  • Take your idea from sketches on a napkin to a detailed 3D CAD model.

Product Design

Product Design
  • Gain access to our experienced engineers who can take your product idea from concept to production.
  • Optimize your product for cost or performance with advanced engineering tools.

Design Iterations

Design Iterations
  • Get engineering support as your product develops over time and from customer feedback while you’re searching for product market fit.

Design Optimization

Design Optimization
  • Cut unnecessary material to reduce weight and save money.
  • Meet specific performance criteria.

Composite Part Design

Composite Part Design
  • Design & Analyze composite components for manufacturability and performance.
  • Our engineers our experienced with carbon fiber, kevlar, honeycomb cores, and fiberglass.

Electro-Optic Systems & Components

  • Prevent beam pointing errors caused by thermal deformation.
  • Prevent components from over heating.
  • Ensure that your system is ready to handle any work loads that it will be exposed to.

Thermal Management

Thermal Management
  • Prevent your electrical systems from overheating.
  • Keep sensitive spacecraft systems and instruments safe from large thermal fluctuations
  • Ensure that internal combustion engine exhaust doesn’t damage nearby components.

Electronic Packaging

  • Prevent overheating from destroying your circuits.
  • Ensure that your electronic systems have adequate protection from their anticipated environment.

Product Lifecycle Support

  • Get product support after launch to allowing for making improvements to your design for future iterations.
  • Get assistance with setting up manufacturing.
  • Develop a family of products centered around your initial product for lower cost thanks to our previous experience.

Tooling Support

  • We can help design custom tooling that specialized components and assemblies often require.

Analysis Services

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

  • Predict your product or solution’s performance.
  • Gain valuable insights into how to arrive at a working solution.
  • Avoid wasting significant investment from failing a critical certification test.
  • Learn why a design isn’t meeting performance goals.
  • End the endless guess and test product iteration method with insightful design performance information.
  • Check your design for complicated loading scenarios.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

  • Gain valuable insights into the performance of fluid system such as a combustion engine, HVAC system, convective cooling system, microfluidic chip, or plumbing system.
  • Gain an advanced understanding of how fluids load structures such as wind and hydrodynamic loads on structures, aerodynamic loads on aircraft, or hydrodynamic loads on watercraft and submersibles.
  • Determine heat transfer between components as a result of convection and ensure that you’re cooling systems are adequate to prevent over heating.
  • Use the information generated from the CFD analysis to make educated design revisions to further optimize your design or reach a working solution faster.

Structural Analysis

  • Have your structure analyzed for complex load situations to ensure it meets with performance requirements without the need for an expensive prototype or physical testing.
  • Whether you’re designing a large civil structure or a rocket valve, our services will add confidence to your design by providing a plot of stresses and strains at each point of your structure to be checked against the material and performance allowable.

Dynamic & Vibration Analysis

  • Analyze structures that are exposed to dynamic and vibrational loads such as those that occur during rocket launches, earthquakes, traffic, impacts, and explosions.
  • Gain an understanding of how your structure will react to such loads to improve your design, optimizing geometries or meeting performance requirements.
  • Whether you’re designing a satellite component, a high rise building, a bridge, product packaging, or consumer products our dynamic & vibration analysis can help ensure that you’re products meet customer demands.

Fatigue & Fracture Toughness: Durability Analyses

  • Whether you’re working on a building, vehicle, consumer product, or industrial machine it’s critical to understand your products life expectancy.
  • Our durability analysis services can determine if your product meets with fatigue & fracture design requirements to ensure that the required life expectancy of your product is met.
  • Don’t leave customers disappointed with a product that fails after only a few uses.

Thermal Analysis

  • Ensure that your electronic components don’t overheat and leave customers unsatisfied with performance or fail prematurely.
  • Determine the heat transfer properties to ensure it meets with performance goals.
  • Learn how your product will deform while heated or cooled to ensure it meets performance goals in all environments.
  • Design insulation for your performance requirements.

Multiphysics Analysis

Multiphysics Analysis
  • Analyze Fluid-Structure Interactions (FSI)
    • Check to ensure that structures exposed to river & ocean currents meet performance requirements.
    • Gain insight into how an aircraft’s body reacts to aerodynamic loads.
    • Determine a watercraft’s hull performance at varying speeds.
  • Analyze Thermal-Structure Coupling
    • Learn how a combustion engine’s structure reacts to thermal loads.
    • Protect satellites against stresses caused from large thermal gradients caused by radiation in space.
  • Analyze Non-isothermal Flow
    • Combine conduction and convection to determine the total heat transfer in a system.
    • Check electrical enclosures for adequate cooling with both convective and conductive heat transfer allowing for water cooling, fans, and heat sinks to all be incorporated.
  • Electromagnetic-Structural Coupling
    • Ensure that electromagnetic fields generated by electronics don’t exceed the stress limits of other components.

Standards & Codes

Standards & Codes
  • Ensure that your products satisfy specific code requirements.
  • Aircraft components need to adhere to FAA requirements.
  • Civil structures need to adhere to the IBC and ASCE/SEI 7.
  • Fall protection and other safety equipment need to meet with OSHA requirements.
  • Spacecraft have to meet NASA’s 5000 series of Standards.
  • Most products and industries today have standard requirements or special certifications that customers demand.


  • Ensure sensitive optical components will survive all loading scenarios which can include anything from space launch to crashing ocean waves to difficult deployment requirements.
  • Check that your system has adequate thermal management to keep optical systems within their operating temperature range.
  • Model your optical systems light propagation.


  • Model and optimize your microfluidics chip to maximize channel density, solve mixing & dispersion issues, and more.

Pre-Certification Analysis

Pre-Certification Analysis
  • Have your components and products analyzed prior to going through expensive certification testing to ensure that you pass certification on your first attempt!

Icing Analysis

Icing Analysis
  • Pass FAA approval for flying in icing conditions.
  • Prevent ice buildup from causing issues while flying.

Manufacturing Support

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping
  • Generate professional 3D CAD models to run on a 3D Printer.
  • Analyze 3D printed components for durability, and other performance specifications.
  • Gain access to our extensive network of experienced prototyping shops.
  • Have the manufacturing of your prototypes overseen by experience engineers to prevent issues during manufacturing.

Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

Design for Manufacturability (DFM)
  • Reduce your manufacturing costs by having your component designs be optimized for today’s most affordable manufacturing processes.
  • Prevent part specifications from confusing a manufacturer which can add significant and unnecessary costs.
  • Get the drawings you need to accurately communicate component specifications.

Product Testing & Validation

Test Planning

Test Planning
  • Design testing plans to accurately verify product quality or validate a design for performance requirements.

Test Fixture Design

Test Fixture Design
  • Get custom design test fixture that economically tests your products to validate performance or ensure quality standards are met.

Analysis Model Validation & Calibration

Analysis Model Validation & Calibration
  • Use data obtained through physical testing to validate a computational model and refine parameters to generate more accurate results moving forward.

Business Support

Proposal Support

Proposal Support
  • Make your pitch or proposal stand apart with stunning 3D CAD renders or add credibility to your idea with analytical models.

Patent Support

Patent Support
  • Get the engineering drawings and technical documentation you need for a successful patent.
  • Have your idea reviewed for validation by experienced engineers.

Cost Control

Cost Control
  • Only pay for engineering when you need it.
  • Scale your engineering capabilities to match your needs as you project develops.
  • Eliminate paying for engineering while between projects.
  • Gain access to advanced engineering tools without paying the high license fees or investing in training.

Resource Multiplier

Resource Multiplier
  • Scale your engineering workforce as you need it.
  • Keep your engineering costs in line with your project demands.