Analysis Services

Our Engineering Analysis team delivers exceptional FEA & CFD results and solutions to our clients.

ASR Engineering specializes in FEA & CFD Analysis & Optimization. Engineering analysis provides a data driven approach to the design process which reduces the number of design and prototype iterations required prior to reaching a final product. Engineering analysis also provides insights into why a design may have experienced a surprise failure and what can be done to prevent it in the future.

Why Use Engineering Analysis Services

Failure Analysis

  • Discover Why a Failure Occurred
  • Implement Design Solutions to Prevent Future Failures

Design Optimization

  • Optimize Your Design for Cost & Performance
  • Remove Excess Material
  • Avoid Failure Points

Reduce Design Iterations

  • Get to Market Faster
  • Implement Targeted Design Solutions
  • Stop using Guess Test & Revise Development Methods

Pass Qualification Testing

  • Avoid Failure During Product Qualification Testing
  • Don’t Waste Money On Additional Expensive Testing Prototypes

The Key To Our Exceptional Value

  • A desire to do only what makes sense or is required for your product.  From the start of every project, we work with your staff to rapidly identify high risk areas that would most benefit from analysis.
  • After over 20 years in business, we have developed in-house tools that speed up the process and improve accuracy.  Experience is also key to understanding how analysis and the real world sometime differ.

What To Expect From Engineering Analysis

Using computer modeling, we are able to predict the structural, thermal and flow performance of your product. You succeed by using this knowledge to guide the optimization of your product. Long before making hardware, you will know the risk of your product meeting structural, thermal and flow performance requirements.

Common Engineering Analysis Uses

If you’re looking for any of the following then its time to contact our team of analysis engineers who are ready to assist you.

  • Knowledge of how to get your product to pass a new or particularly tough qualification test.
  • A prepared structural, thermal, and flow qualification report.
  • Optimization of your product for cost, weight, durability, and thermal and flow performance.
  • An affordable proof of concept analysis to support your proposal or pitch.
  • Reduction in the time and number of design iterations it takes to go from idea to working prototype.
  • Development of a new or improved product.
  • How your existing product will perform in a new application/operating environment.
  • Learn why your product failed during testing and how to implement a cost effective solution to prevent it from failing in the future.

Our Analysis Team uses Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) as tools to simulate the structural, thermal, and flow performance of your product or solution.

Analysis Services

We provide the services our clients need. If a service is needed for your project that is not listed let us know and we will work to meet your needs.

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Opto mechanical systems are commonly used by many industries including space, defense, communications, and others. We have experience in the design and analysis of opto mechanical systems to ensure that they are robust enough to remain operational after deployment and through the lifespan of the instrument.

Qualification Testing Analysis

Qualification Testing Analysis

In aerospace and mechanical engineering, many products need to pass qualification testing prior to reaching the market. Many times products that go through testing don’t pass much to the surprise of the developers. We can analyze designs for certification requirements and implement design revisions to better ensure that your product will pass on its first attempt.

Icing Analysis

Icing Analysis

To get an aircraft to pass FAA approval for flying in icing conditions it requires rigorous analysis and testing. Defense and private aircraft which may also encounter icing conditions need to be designed and analyzed in order to keep passengers safe. We use icing analysis software to guide the design and implementation of ice protection equipment.