Business Support

Our engineering services and experience will help your company achieve it’s ambitious goals in a cost effective manner.

We take care of the engineering at our facilities using our resources and manpower, saving you the expense of a skilled workforce and specialized equipment. Our services allow you to spend more time focusing on your business development, and customer outreach so that once the product is launched you’ll have sales waiting and be ready to scale.

We support your business by:

  • Handling engineering requirements and adding specialized engineering capabilities.
    • Off-load routine analysis and design work to let your staff focus on your company’s core business.
    • Add the advantages of specialized engineering design and analysis capabilities to accelerate product development, reduce the number of costly iterations, and deliver optimized products with improved performance and lower costs.
    • Get the engineering support you need to patent your idea.
    • Win more work, grants, and funding by providing analytical models to defend your proposals and pitches.
  • Help control your costs by replacing an internal engineering team and infrastructure with simple consulting fees.
    • Hiring highly trained and talented engineers is difficult and expensive in today’s competitive job market.
    • Powerful engineering software is expensive and has a steep learning curve. We maintain specialized software licenses and training so that you don’t have to.

Our primary goal is to support your business with engineering services while making you look great in today’s competitive market.

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Patent Support

Generating patent material can be intimidating. Our principal engineers at ASR have multiple patents and are very familiar with the process of obtaining a patent. We will work directly with you and your patent attorney to generate the proper engineering drawings and identify key features of your idea.

Cost Control

Developing competitive products can be expensive. Between hiring a team of highly trained and skilled engineers, investing in infrastructure and tools, and researching the market, developing a new successful product has high upfront costs and requires a significant amount of time all prior to seeing any revenue.

Resource Multiplier

The lifecycle of every project and company goes through high and low demand when it comes to engineering productivity. By outsourcing your engineering to ASR, we can change the number of engineers working on your project at any time to better reflect the current demand for your project and eliminate paying for engineering downtime.