Manufacturing Support

Our manufacturing support services helps bring your product to the market.

Whether your looking for rapid prototyping, tooling design, or production sourcing our experienced engineers are here to help make the process as smooth as possible.

Rapid Prototyping

As part of our manufacturing support, ASR regularly works with our significant network of manufacturers to offer rapid prototyping services. Our network of manufacturers have significant experience with the manufacturing methods your prototype needs. Whether you’re looking for a 3D printed prototype for use in reviewing ergonomics, or a CNC prototype for proof of concept or performance testing we can help.

Vendor Selection & Support

For setting up a high-volume production, ASR will help you set up a cost model for your product. This model will help identify the sweet spot for initial orders given the capital available. Local, State-side and off shore suppliers are commonly contacted to get the best value for high volume production runs. We will help guide you through choosing your production supplier by providing context into all the variables including cost, capabilities, quality, and more.

Manufacturing Tooling & Fixtures Design

Production often requires assembly tools and fixtures. ASR is highly experienced in this aspect of manufacturing and will design tools and fixtures with ergonomics and productivity in mind. When you’re looking to produce high volumes of a component or assembly having a well engineered tool or fixture can help minimize production costs while meeting market demand.

Design For Manufacturability (DFM)

As part of our mechanical engineering design services, we incorporate design for manufacturability (DFM). We understand that cost is a critical property to whether your product can find product/market fit. By incorporation manufacturability into our design process we work on not only making sure that your product meets with performance specification but does so in a cost effective way that takes advantage of today’s most affordable manufacturing methods.

Manufacturing Support Services

  • Rapid prototyping with our network of experienced manufacturers.
  • Cost model generation
  • Assembly and manufacturing tooling design & procurement.
  • Vendor selection, support, and oversight.
  • Manufacturing Tooling Support

If you’re looking for any of the above then contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

Vendor Selection

Vendor Selection & Support

Our vendor selection services will help you find a manufacturer for your product. We support production by setting up a cost model, getting parts and assembly quoted by a range of vendors, supplying engineering documents for manufacturing, and overseeing production to ensure quality.