Cost Control

Cost Control

Developing competitive products can be expensive. Between hiring a team of highly trained and skilled engineers, investing in infrastructure and tools, and researching the market, developing a new successful product has high upfront costs and requires a significant amount of time all prior to seeing any revenue.

By using ASR as your engineering service provider, you will have access to our highly skilled and trained team of engineers along with our infrastructure and advanced tools that allow for rapid prototyping, and an optimized final design. This allows you to better control costs and focus more on market research and customer outreach for a successful product launch.

Our cost control services include

  • Eliminating infrastructure maintenance
  • Eliminating hiring and training costs
  • Quickly scale the number of engineers working on your project to make engineering costs reflect engineering demand
  • Stop paying for engineering downtime while between projects.
  • Attain a flat rate quote for a single time project or retain long term engineering services.
  • Gain access to a highly trained team of engineers who understand your project and work only when you need them.

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