How To Make Patent Drawings

Patent Support

Generating patent material can be intimidating. Our principal engineers at ASR have multiple patents and are very familiar with the process of obtaining a patent. We will work directly with you and your patent attorney to generate the proper engineering drawings and identify key features of your idea.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

Whether you’re a startup or a fortune 500 company, patents are critical to protecting your idea.

Perform A Patent Search

Prior to approaching an attorney, we recommend doing an initial patent search on your own. This is done by using along with If your idea holds up to an initial search you can look into attaining a provisional patent which is an affordable way of holding your spot in line prior to filing a more expensive utility patent a while you develop your idea and test the market. Many times if a broad idea isn’t patentable you can still patent smaller features or component of your idea for protection.

Approach A Patent Attorney

After you complete an initial patent search if you feel that your idea is patentable, its time to approach a patent attorney who will provide a more thorough patent search, generate patent materials with us and file.

Our patent support services include

  • Concept review and design
  • Feature review
  • Technical drawings
  • Engineering support

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