Vendor Selection

Vendor Selection & Support

Our vendor selection services will help you find a manufacturer for your product. We support production by setting up a cost model, getting parts and assembly quoted by a range of vendors, supplying engineering documents for manufacturing, and overseeing production to ensure quality.

Vendor Selection

We will work directly with you to find a manufacturing vendor that best meets with your products needs. We have a large amount of experience in bringing designs to life by overseeing the production of products. During this process we will lay out exactly what to expect during the production process to make sure that nothing comes as a surprise.

Manufacturing Cost Model

A manufacturing cost model for your product is used to assist with vendor selection by laying out costs for each component and assembly estimations. A bill of material (BOM) is generated from obtaining quotes for each component from multiple manufacturers at varying quantities. The provided cost model guides significant financial decisions for whether to move forward with production and what volumes are optimal for a production run.

Engineering Documentation

We will work directly with your manufacturer to ensure all design specifications are well communicated to minimize the potential for a communication error to cause issues during production that can be detrimental to your final product. We provide engineering documentation including drawings, change orders, or anything else that is needed to keep production running smoothly.

Overseeing Production

As your engineering provider, we have a strong understanding of your products design and requirements. In order to ensure a smooth process and that quality standards are met, we can oversee the production of your product. By having engineering representation on site for your product’s production, we will be able to quickly react to design changes that allow for improved efficiencies, or that are needed to deliver adequate quality and performance.

Other Engineering Services

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