Test Planning

Product Test Planning

In order to obtain relevant and accurate test results, it’s critical to have a well-designed product testing plan. Planning a product test requires a strong understanding of product specification requirements and engineering. We have the experience and expertise to plan product tests that generate the data needed to validate your products specifications.

Ensure Quality Standards Are Met

Whether you’re looking to validate an aircraft design with a drop test, or need to check your products to ensure quality standards are met with your manufacturing methods, we can prepare a test plan that meets your needs.

Test For Product Safety

In the aerospace, energy, oil and gas, and other industries where there is high risk if a product doesn’t meet performance specifications product testing is required as an effort to improve safety. For example, many helicopters go through drop testing in order to validate designs to better protect passengers.

Ensure Product Performance Claims Are Met

Mass production also uses product testing as a way to check that the manufacturing methods used are delivering products that meet with quality and performance requirements. This is done to ensure that claims made during marketing are met. Suppliers may be liable for false advertising if advertised claims are not met which can result in significant costs making testing a critical step in the manufacturing process.

Our test planning services include

  • Product performance test planning
    • Impact
    • Performance
    • Tolerances
  • Mass production product test planning
    • Quality control testing

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