Package Testing Analysis

Package Testing Analysis

Package testing reduces your risk of having products break before they get to your customer. Prevent product replacement costs with well designed packaging. Regardless of how many “fragile” stickers you put on a package, there is no guarantee that your valuable product will be handled with care while its in transit.

In order to ship your products confidently you need packaging that can easily handle the abuse of the shipping process. ASR Engineering specializes in design and analysis and can assist with ensuring that your product is protected while in transit with well engineered packaging.

Packaging Drop Testing & Analysis

ASR Engineering is prepared to fully analyze your packaging to ensure your valuable products make it to your customer in perfect condition. Employing LS-Dyna we can accurately model and simulate dynamic drop-testing events to help make packaging testing go smoothly. If you also only have access to expensive testing prototypes, you want to eliminate the risk of breaking one during testing.

Computer modeling can also shine light onto potential issues with packaging if you’re having problems with too many products breaking before they arrive to the customer. Our data-driven analysis and design process works to identify problem areas so that solutions can be implemented.

To meet ASTM standards, Packaging needs to be able to survive multiple drops from all different sides at a predetermined height based on the package weight. If you ship packages through today’s busy shippers you may want to even exceed the standards to prevent an overworked or negligent package handler from destroying your product.

Computer modeling offers greater insights into what occurs during a drop test so that data driven design improvements can be made instead of using a guess and testing design method.

Packaging Vibration Analysis

Vibrations during transportation can also shake weak connections apart. You can solve this by either making your packaging act in part as a dampener or you can identify strengthen weak connections.

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