Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Our engineering experience and resources along with our network of expert prototyping manufacturers enables us to make rapid prototypes for performance and market testing and development.

We apply Computer-aided Design (CAD) along with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to rapidly generate and optimize prototype designs. We then leverage our large network of experience prototyping manufacturers to deliver high-quality prototypes for performance and market testing.

Our rapid prototyping services include

  • Generation of 3D CAD models.
  • Prototype computational analysis and optimization with FEA and CFD.
  • Additive manufacturing design services and 3rd party fabrication.
  • Oversight and procurement of machined components.

Prototype Iterations

Product development especially for new product lines is a significant journey of finding the perfect combination of cost, performance, features, manufacturability. and usability/ergonomics to fit the market. During this path its common to develop multiple types of prototypes to allow for achieving different goals.

Proof of Principle Prototype

A proof of principle prototype is used to verify if a key function of a product is feasible. These prototypes are not refined for consumers and the market yet

Working Prototype

A working prototype is used to represent all or nearly all of the functionality and performance of the final product. Working prototypes are often iterated upon multiple times while working towards the perfect product performance balance.

Visual Prototype

A visual prototype is used to represent the size and appearance of a product but typically not the functionality or performance. Visual prototypes are used for promotions, pitch decks, and announcements while a product is still under development.

Form Study Prototype

A form study prototype is similar to a visual prototype in which it represents the size and appearance but not the functionality and performance. Today additive manufacturing is used most frequently for form study prototypes which allows for testing ergonomics and feel of a product which can significantly affect your products popularity with consumers.

User Experience Prototype

User experience prototypes are used to study user experience and are very close in performance, features, and appearance to the final product.

Functional Prototypes

If you’re looking to test other properties of your product you will likely need a fully functional prototype which will likely require manufacturing methods besides additive manufacturing. Functional prototypes are typically the final prototype prior to starting full production of your product.

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