Human Rated Spacecraft Cryogenic Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valves are indispensable for rocket engines to control and Isolate fluid. The Valves are exposed to intense thermal and structural operating conditions as well as external conditions.


Human-rated spacecraft components need to meet strict design and analysis requirements and specification to be qualified for testing.


A detailed 3D finite element models was generated for each Butterfly valve. Multi-physics and combined loading analyses including Flow Capacity (CFD), Structural, Thermal, Safety& Hazard, Failure Modes & Criticality, and Fracture Mechanics analyses were utilized.


A series of analyses based design optimization are performed to meet a tree of requirement under individual and combined loading condition.

Key takeaways

  • The design was optimized and qualified for testing
  • Analysis driven design delivered an exponential increase in strength and durability
  • The weight was minimally increased to meet requirements by redistributing material based on analysis results

Services Used