Electronics Packaging Design & Analysis

Electronic Packaging

In order for electronic devices and systems to operate optimally and remain undamaged, the electronic packaging needs to be designed to withstand the mechanical and thermal loads, minimize EMI radiation and provide the needed I/O interfaces to adjacent systems.

Our advanced analysis tools allow us to simulate the behavior of the electronic assemblies leading to more robust designs. We apply Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to analyze the flow of cooling air over the components to size the appropriate heat sinks or evaluate to the effectiveness of the coolant flow through cold plates used to cool high power components. In addition, rugged systems need to withstand vibrations and shocks that can be analyzed using FEA. All this concurrent engineering approach can significantly reduce the number of prototypes to be tested, saving our clients time and expense.

We design and analyze electronic packaging for consumer products, automotive, aerospace, electro-optic systems, commercial, defense, and other industries. We apply finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) during our design process to optimize designs and ensure they meet with required performance specifications.

Our service capabilities include:

  • Mechanical Design
  • Thermal Management
  • Circuit Board Structural Considerations (solder joints, etc…)
  • Dynamic Performance
  • Assembly & Test Tooling
  • Vibration Testing Oversight
  • Electronic Packaging - Thermal Management
  • Electronic Packaging
  • Electronic Packaging - Liquid Cooling
  • Electronic Packaging - Liquid Cooling
  • Electronic Packaging
  • Electronic Packaging - Optics

Consumer Electronics

With consumer products becoming more packed full of technology to drive performance it’s getting harder and harder to manage heat and deliver durable and reliable products. Whether it’s a smart phone, an internet of things (IOT) device, or any other electronic product, delivering performance and reliability while maintaining a compact design has become a necessity in today’s market. Consumer products need to be designed to prevent overheating, survive a reasonable fall, and meet consumer expectations for wear and tear durability. Using our engineering analysis and design services we are able to optimize consumer electronic packaging for durability, performance, and thermal management while maintaining the compact design consumers expect.

Automotive & Electric Vehicles

The electrical enclosures for electric vehicles (EVs) have to meet substantial demands to keep vehicles safe while delivering the performance the market demands. Not only do the electrical enclosures for EV battery packs need to meet thermal requirements to keep batteries stable, they also need to protect the battery packs in the events of collisions, impacts or even just regular use. We apply finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) as well as multiphysics analysis to ensure the electrical enclosure can meet the thermal and structural requirements of a battery pack while minimizing weight and material to help deliver a safe and high performing vehicle.

With new electric aircraft quickly being developed thanks to new and rapid increases in the energy density of batteries, we are able to help further eliminate weight while maintaining safety through the structural and thermal optimization of electrical enclosures. FEA allows us to accurately model and optimize lightweight and high-strength composite materials as well as complex shapes to deliver maximum flight range by minimizing weight. We also have substantial experience in aerospace design and analysis and can ensure that your aircraft meets the demands of bird strike, drop tests, vibrations, and more.

Grid Scale Energy Storage

As the world moves to renewables it is critical to have large grid scale energy storage to back up our grid when the energy production of wind and solar can’t meet demand as well as to store excess energy when demand doesn’t meet supply. In 2020, the USA has a total of 1,100 GW of generation capacity and only 23.2 GW of energy storage capacity. If we are to transition to renewable energy then we are going to need to dramatically increase energy storage capacity. There are fortunately a lot of available options for energy storage including grid scale batteries, flywheels, compressed air, pumped hydroelectric, molten salt heat, and more. We are able to help with any engineering requirements to help build our energy storage capacity to meet tomorrow’s demands.

Source: http://css.umich.edu/factsheets/us-grid-energy-storage-factsheet

Aerospace & Defense

Electronics in the aerospace and defense sectors range from an airplane black box to rocket guidance systems to satellite control systems. These critical electronic systems need to be designed and tested to ensure they survive their rigorous environments. Designing and analyzing an enclosure and circuit board to survive anything from rocket launch vibrations and acceleration to an airplane crash while delivering the thermal management a circuit required for continued use requires significant engineering capabilities. We apply advanced finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) through the use of multiphysics analysis to ensure designs satisfy their performance requirements. Using our design and analysis capabilities we can also optimize electronic enclosures for weight savings or performance to deliver cost savings or improved performance for spacecraft and other applications.


Much of today’s world is run on servers that push computer performance to its limits. Servers are powered by massive numbers of GPUs or CPUS that are packed into server racks and generate high thermal loads. Should a server go down due to overheating it can cause massive losses to a technology companies revenue or disrupt critical infrastructure. To handle these thermal loads enclosures need to be engineered to deliver adequate thermal management to keep processors within their operational limits to allow for optimal performance and reduce thermal stresses.

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