ASR was founded by aircraft turbine engineers caught by industry consolidation. 

While the original business plan was to offer the state-of-art-engineering pioneered in the aviation industry to everyone, we have managed to maintain a solid aerospace customer base. ASR has a very broad aerospace expertise including everything from rigid and flexible composite structures to valves and actuators to precision optics and electric thrusters for micro satellites.

Offload an entire work packet and utilize ASR’s full service mechanical engineering capabilities to design a system and prepare the corresponding documentation and testing for qualification.

On the Design side, use ASR’s staff to leverage your in-house capabilities with everything from CATIA composite modeling to component and tooling design.

On the Analysis side, ASR will not only perform a qualification analysis.  We will make sure your product will have low risk when entering a qualification test. The analysis is just the tool we use to assess the structural, thermal or flow risk. If a location of elevated risk is identified, we will help identify solutions and then verify the improvement analytically.

Whether you’re in need of temporarily increasing the size of your engineering team for a new product or need an accurate finite element analysis (FEA) to better determine a component’s performance, ASR is ready to help you succeed.

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Unmanned Spacecraft

Every year more and more spacecraft are going into orbit for a range of applications including GPS, imaging, communications, research, and more. Every spacecraft that is launched has to be designed to withstand the demanding loads during launch, and the harsh conditions of space.