Tooling Support

In order to fabricate specialty components and assemblies many times specialized tooling is required. We offer tooling support services including design, analysis, and prototyping.

Fabrication Methods

Our in-house engineering design and analysis capabilities can help determine the viability of varying fabrication methods without the high cost of dies, molds, or other hardware.

Injection Mold

Our tooling support services can help get your injection mold fabrication up and running. We use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to run flow analysis on injection mold fabrication. This allows us to model how molten material will flow into your mold. By doing this we ensure complete distribution of the molten material is achieved and there there aren’t likely to be any voids that would cause a component to not pass quality control. By using applying CFD models to a mold design we can avoid costly manufacturing delays and redesigns. We can also model thermal properties of the mold to prevent thermal stresses or pressure from causing defects within the material.

Additive Manufacturing

The process of additive manufacturing uses differing technologies including lasers and hot plates to layer materials which vary from spooled polymers to metal powder to liquid resins in accordance with a provided CAD model. Our tooling support can assist with the design and analysis of parts for 3D printing. Using computational analysis we can model the thermal properties of a 3D printed part to control thermal warping and residual stresses to deliver superior 3D printed parts.

Specialized Tooling

We have significant experience with the design of complex assembly jigs and custom manufacturing tooling to help drive productivity while meeting quality standards. We can import your product or component design into CAD to design an assembly jig or tooling around its needs

Other Engineering Services

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