Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design

ASR’s design engineers are ready to take your idea from concept to launch with our conceptual design services. Our team of experienced engineers will work with you to make your vision a reality. 

Whether you only have basic sketches on a napkin, feature bullet points or a problem/solution description, we will work with you to come up with a solution to the problem you are taking on.

Our engineers will use their design and engineering expertise to iterate through multiple design configurations using CAD and analysis models until a suitable design that best matches your vision is delivered.

Typical Conceptual Design Process

Introduction and Project Kickoff

We will first meet with you either in person or on a conference call to discuss product goals, required specifications, learn your background, and gather any prepared materials that could assist with the design. With this information, we will walk you through the design process, the scope of service, and explain any additional services that could further assist with the development of your product. Once the design agreement, including a contract, scope of work (SOW), non-disclosure agreement (NDA), and other applicable materials are submitted the conceptual design process kicks off.

Conceptual Design

Using the material and information provided during the introduction and kickoff meeting, our engineers will start work on creating multiple configurations representing simplified versions of the anticipated design. The results of this effort are then presented to your team for evaluation. We will discuss the design with you, including our understanding of the problem/solution and specifications, to ensure it meets your expectations.

Project Launch and Preliminary Design Phase

Once your team is satisfied that the conceptual design phase yielded one or more viable results, the preliminary design phase can be approved. During this phase more details will be added, any purchased components get selected and the functional aspects of the design are completely detailed. Input from various other disciplines get integrated into the design. The results of this phase are presented at a Preliminary Design Review.

Detail Design

Following a successful Preliminary Design Review, the design is ready to move to the Detail Design Phase. At this stage each part of the assembly gets completely designed. Depending on complexity and customer requirements, the design can get optimized for various goals like load bearing capability, weight reduction, fatigue life, manufacturing cost, thermal limitations and flow requirements. During this Design Optimization phase, the final shape, form and function of each component is determined. The process culminates in a Critical Design Review. Any changes requested at the Critical Design Review are then incorporated into the design, followed by the generation of manufacturing drawings to be submitted to the manufacturing supplier base for quotes.

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